About CO4T

At Create Oneself 4or Themself, we proudly draw inspiration from our Richmond roots to curate distinct collections that echo the diverse voices of local American subcultures. From the lively streets of Richmond to the scenic trails of The Eastern Shore Virginia, our mission is to offer a dynamic range of clothing, where each collection becomes a canvas for self-expression and storytelling.

Rooted in the spirit of Richmond's unique culture, our brand transcends mere apparel, becoming a catalyst for individual empowerment and self-discovery. Each collection is crafted with a focus on specific styles inspired by the energy of Richmond's skateboarding scene, the adventurous spirit of hiking on the James, the adrenaline-fueled BMX culture, the dedication of local athletes, the free-spirited essence of Richmond's hippie community, and the raw authenticity of grunge that reverberates through our city and so much more.

Create Oneself 4or Themself is a testament to positive self-worth and cognitive freedom, born from the resilience and ambition inherent in our vibrant city. We believe that true empowerment comes from embracing your uniqueness and expressing it authentically. Our collections are a reflection of the diverse identities within Richmond's subcultures, an invitation for individuals to craft their own narratives and navigate their paths with confidence.

Embark on a local journey of self-discovery with us, where every collection serves as a symbol of cognitive freedom and a celebration of the rich subcultures that shape our identity. Create Yourself, For Yourself — because at Create Oneself 4or Themself, we are more than a brand; we are a celebration of Richmond's spirit, and we believe in clothing that not only communicates positive self-worth but also empowers you to express your authentic self in every thread and stitch.